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Who we are

Paul (l) and Rob (r) Hoogendoorn together run Hoogendoorn Bouw. They grew up in the business that was founded by their grandfather and expanded by their father. They adopted a new path in 2013, transforming from a large contracting company back to basics: a flexible organisation that uses a network of professionals and specialists. That means that the client never pays to much, but can enjoy customised top quality work.
Rob Hoogendoorn is the structural engineer, the contractor, the person to contact to make an appointment. Paul Hoogendoorn is in charge of procurement, administration and order processing, and is the point of contact for all your administrative queries.
The Hoogendoorn history
Paul and Rob Hoogendoorn, the current directors of Hoogendoorn Bouw, are the third generation to run the firm of building contractors from The Hague's Statenkwartier district. It started in 1924 with their grandfather Aart Bastiaan Jacob Hoogendoorn. As a carpenter he worked in the attic over the Sierkan dairy on the corner of Bentinckstraat and Frederik Hendriklaan. This now houses an Albert Heijn supermarket.
Aart Bastiaan Jacob Hoogendoorn

Since he was unable to make furniture that was bigger than the dormer window in his attic and the stairs were also not an option, he soon had to move. The business, which had two employees by now, moved to Van Weede van Dijkveldstraat, where it is still based. In 1933 Ab Hoogendoorn also started a painting and decorating business, De Econoom. During the war Ab and his family were forced to leave the Statenkwartier and temporarily moved to Groene Wegje in the city centre. After the war the family returned to the Statenkwartier. Ab Hoogendoorn took up his business again and worked hard.
Rob Senior
His eldest son Rob joined the business in 1962. A few years later Ab Hoogendoorn retired and Rob, by now the father of two sons himself, took charge. He expanded the company further. The Hoogendoorn firm was characterised by its personal approach and concern for quality and continuity. Hoogendoorn was able to build up a large and regular client base in The Hague. Clients who had been coming to the firm for their building needs for years.
The sons Rob and Paul
Rob Junior followed in his father and grandfather's footsteps in 1985, followed in 1990 by his brother Paul. The business was modernised further and also underwent changes. Rob Hoogendoorn's office stands where the screws and nails was once stored. Computers arrived and the number of employees grew steadily. Rob Senior was still involved with the business as a consultant and Granny Hoogendoorn, Ab's wife, still came down every day to help Paul with the mail.
Hoogendoorn Bouw
Rob Senior died in April 2012, and Granny Hoogendoorn in April 2013. A.B.J. Hoogendoorn en zonen was relaunched in the spring of that same year. Rob and Paul continued under the name Hoogendoorn Bouw. Still based in Van Weede van Dijkveldstraat, still caring about quality. And still with their heart in the right place.